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Who owns my intellectual property?

Any intellectual property that you may generate within employment of Leiden University of LUMC is owned by Leiden University or LUMC. Since 2010, Leiden University has issued official regulations on working for third parties which state the rules on several topics involved, like the sharing of net proceeds and the conditions related to spin-offs.

At LUMC no such official policy exists, however a similar arrangement has been customary and are stated on Albinusnet. For more information contact Luris.

Other types of intellectual property

Know-how: Also known as trade secrets, protected knowledge by the institution. Keeping your invention confidential is also a form of IP protection.

Copyright: Automatic protection provided to authors and creators of ‘original works of authorship’, such as literary works, journal articles, powerpoint presentations, lecture material and software.

Trademark: Rights of the use of a mark or brand. Not all trademarks are registered.

Design right: Sometimes referred to as a design patent, this is the protection of a visual design of an object that is not purely utilitarian.

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