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Human Resources

Department FSW HR: broad in expertise and network, integrity, and collaboration-oriented

The HR department (Human Resources) of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences proactively provides advice and feedback on the development, implementation and operation of HR policies. Society is evolving. This demands a different way of working and collaborating, and new skills that prioritise the human element.

As the HR department of the faculty, we support the organisation, leaders/managers and employees in this transition, working closely with all other HR professionals within the university. Our department comprises five dedicated and driven HR professionals: an HR department lead and four HR advisors.

HR for leaders and executives

As a leader or executive, you can contact the HR department for questions at the intersection of human and organisational aspects. This ranges from individual discussions related to your role as a leader, to organizational structure, cultural inquiries, and everything in between. At the FSW HR department, we are consistently engaged in advising and guidance on topics such as absence due to illness, recruitment and selection, personnel changes in inflow, mobility, and outflow, conflict scenarios, personnel planning, and job evaluation.

We approach these tasks with integrity and diligence, focusing on the long-term interests of the organisation as a whole. Additionally, we expect leaders to consider the care for their employees as their primary responsibility.

HR for employees

As an employee, you can approach us if you feel unable to go to your immediate supervisor for any reason. We provide a sympathetic ear and, if desired, can indicate the options available within the organisation to seek support in expressing your grievances and desires.

Expertise in HR

Although all advisors largely perform the same basic tasks, we are a team with diverse personalities, interests, and expertise. This results in specific areas of focus for each person. Within the team, we are aware of each other's strengths, and we involve each other as needed. Besides your designated advisor, someone else might join or take over certain tasks. This can include expertise in:

  • Complex scenarios concerning conflict or absence due to illness
  • Recruiting difficult-to-fill positions
  • Translation and implementation of strategy into personnel planning
  • Complicated (labor) legal issues
  • Organising and structuring organisational design and/or processes

Additionally, we are involved in various university-wide HR projects, collaborating with other HR professionals to build a solid foundation for strategic HR challenges in the coming years. This extensive network provides us with many collaborations within and outside the university, consistently taking collective steps forward.

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