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Committee on Second Source of Funding

The Committee on Second Source of Funding gives advice to writers of research grant applications about their draft applications. Assessment committees at NWO comprise representatives of several different disciplines, which means that applications can also be assessed by ‘lay people’. The Faculty’s Committee on Second Source of Funding simulates this situation to a certain extent. The Committee is therefore supplementary to the institutional preparatory phase, in which applications are mainly reviewed by scholars in the same discipline.

The Committee’s meeting dates are coordinated with the rounds of the NWO Innovational Research Incentive Scheme, ERC deadlines and in line with Free Competition applications.

Committee members 2023-2024

  • Rens Tacoma
  • Dorota Mokrosinska
  • Ab de Jong
  • Nadine Akkerman
  • Christoph Pieper
  • Jurriaan Witteman

Administrative Secretary: Marcel Belderbos, Management support

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