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Psychology Board of Examiners

In accordance with Article 7.12 of the Higher Education and Research Act (WHW), the Board of Examiners of the Psychology degree programme is the body that establishes whether a student meets the conditions necessary for obtaining a degree. It is responsible for the quality of assessments and monitors the level of exams, electives packages and final examinations.

The main duties and powers of the Board of Examiners include establishing the rules and guidelines for assessing and determining the results of examinations and final examinations, handling exemption requests, taking measures regarding order, fraud and plagiarism, and issuing the Binding Study Advice (BSA). The Board of Examiners is also responsible for issuing certificates and assessing requests for individual adjustments to the study programme and the use of elective credits.

The Psychology Board of Examiners acts in accordance with the applicable rules and procedures of the degree programme, which are laid down in two documents: the Course and Examination Regulations (OER), drawn up by the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, and the Rules and Regulations (R&R), drawn up by the Board of Examiners within the framework of the OER.

Students can consult these two documents for information on important education-related matters such as:    

  • Procedures regarding registration for and access to examinations and re-sits
  • Validity of examinations taken
  • The re-sit policy
  • Assessments, partial marks, rounding off marks and determining the distinction
  • Fraud and plagiarism

Arrangements in the event of exceptional circumstances

If you have questions you would like to ask the Board of Examiners, or you would like to submit a request or lodge a complaint, you can use the dedicated online form on this website and attach any supporting documents. Messages from students that reach the Board of Examiners by other means (e.g., by e-mail) will not be dealt with. Please note that the Board of Examiners only corresponds with students via their uMail address.

Students must not approach individual members of the Board personally by letter or e-mail with their questions, requests or complaints. All correspondence must go through the administrative secretaries, for which the above-mentioned online form should be used.


Please note that a different procedure (via uSis) applies regarding individual exemptions, external courses and the replacement of electives. For more information, see the page: exemptions and requests.

The Institute of Psychology takes all instances of fraud and plagiarism very seriously. The Board of Examiners is responsible for dealing with reports of fraud and plagiarism and is required to reach a decision in such cases. The Board of Examiners will hear the student before coming to a decision. The Board of Examiners may impose penalties on students in proven cases of fraud or plagiarism.

For teachers: Cases of fraud and plagiarism can be reported to the Psychology Board of Examiners by completing the intended web form. 

The Board of Examiners has a statutory period of up to eight weeks to process requests, unless otherwise specified in the Rules and Regulations.

Composition of The Psychology Board of Examiners

Official Secretaries Board of Examiners Psychology

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