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De University Council consists of sixteen members and also has a chairperson and a registrar.

Chair and registrar

Pauline Vincenten is the chair of the University Council. The duties comprise of coordinating the Council’s work and preparing and chairing Council meetings and its meetings with the Executive Board. Robert-Jan van Ette is the registrar of the University Council. If you want to contact the Univeristy Council you can send an email to ur@leidenuniv.nl.

Staff section

The staff section of the University Council consists of eight employees of Leiden University. Elections for the staff sections are held every two years.

There is also one vacancy.

Leden/ Members Partij/ Party
Vacature Universitair Belang
Véronique de Gucht LAG
Patrick Klaassen Universitair Belang
Timothy de Zeeuw LAG
Mark Dechesne LAG
Max van Haastrecht PhDoc
Joost Augusteijn LAG
Floske Spieksma  Universitair Belang

Student section

De student section consists of eight students of Leiden University. Elections for the student sections are held every year.

Leden/ Members Partij/ Party
Rebekka van Beek PBMS
Femke Spaargaren PBMS
Bas Knapp LSP
Ebrar Kaya Students' Collective
Jeppe Bandringa Students' Collective
Victor van der Horst PBMS
Jurian Calis ONS
Ella Picavet DSP
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