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Education and Child Studies

The Institute of Education and Child Studies is part of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Leiden University. The institute is governed by an Insitute Board under the direction of a rotating chairman, i.e. the Scientific Director and an Director of Studies.

The Institute Board is responsible for the educational  programmes offered by the institute, the research programmes carried out by the academic staff of the institute and the finances and personnel of the institute.

Organisation chart

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Six programme groups

The Institute of Education and Child Studies consists of six programme groups. These groups deal with one of the sub-areas within the educational sciences.

  1. Clinical Neurodevelopmental Sciences
    - chair: Sophie van Rijn
  2. Educational Science
    - chair Paul van den Broek
  3. Forensic Family and Youth Care Studies
    - chairs: Paul Vedder
  4. Learning and Behaviour Problems in Education
    - chair: Christine Espin
  5. Parenting, Child Care and Development
    - chair: Harriet Vermeer
  6. Research Methods and Statistics
    - chair: Ralph Rippe

These programme groups are supported by the Institute Office of Education and Child Studies.

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