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Postdoc community

The postdoc community committee represents the postdoctoral researchers at the Faculty of Archaeology. It serves as an interdisciplinary hub between the Faculty’s three Departments and the wider university, as well as with the national community of postdoc researchers in the Netherlands. The postdoc community hosts a program of thematic and skill training workshops aimed at fostering an intellectual breeding ground among postdoc researchers at the Faculty of Archaeology, and building a strong theoretical and practical skill set for postdoc career development. The community furthermore organizes social events (drinks and excursions) aimed at postdocs. It constitutes the official voice of postdocs where it concerns Faculty (research) policy.

Main objectives:

  1. Foster an active postdoc community and a network of peers, and provide tailored workshops and training, and social events
  2. Develop incoming trajectories for postdocs (e.g. provide practical information, and a go-to for questions regarding postdoc activities at the Faculty of Archaeology).
  3. Represent postdoc interests in Faculty (research)  policy as well as education, organization, committees, coaching, etc.
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