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Political Science: Management

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Institute Board

The Institute of Political Science is managed by the Institute Board, which consists of a Scientific Director, a Director of Undergraduate Studies, a Director of Graduate Studies, as well as a Director of Research. They are appointed for three years. In addition, one (appointed) student member sits on the Board, serving a one-year term. The Board manages the workflow of the employees of the Institute of Political Science and stimulates the connection between education and research in the field of Political Science.

Members of the Institute Board


Programme Board

The Institute of Political Science has a Programme Board, consisting of the Scientific Director, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, the Director of Graduate Studies and the student member of the Institute Board. The Programme Board, amongst other tasks, takes care of the organisation and integration of the offered education compliant to the Rules and Regulations. It advises the Institute Board about the content of the educational programmes.

Programme Board BSc Political Science and MSc Political Science


Institute Council

The Institute Council advises the Institute Board on all issues concerning the Institute of Political Science. Its members are elected; they serve a two-year term.

Members 2022-2024 Institute Council

Secretary Institute Council

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council advises the Institute Board on a wide range of topics that concern the Institute. This advice is mainly dispensed on matters concerning education, research and the link between studies and the labour market.


The members of the Advisory Council are:

  • Christiaan van de Griend (policy officer at the Dutch Ministry of Education)
  • Senna Maatoug (member of the Dutch parliament)
  • Eveline van Rijswijk (theatre maker, presenter & political historian)
  • Rudy Andeweg (emeritus professor Institute of Political Science)
  • Lejla Kalkan (programme lead co-creation Amsterdam municipality)
  • Jeroen van Dommelen (spokesman Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


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