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Faculty Board

Faculty Board 2017-2018: from left to right Dennis Hoitink, Peter van Es, Joanne van der Leun, Larissa van den Herik, Bas Knapp

Faculty Board

1 September 2016 - 31 augustus 2019

The Faculty Board :

  • is responsible for the management and organisation of the Faculty with respect to education, teaching and scholarly practice.
  • is responsible for the administration of the Faculty.  The Executive Board has delegated authority to the Faculty Board with respect to personnel, financial and general management pursuant to the stipulations in the Executive and Management Regulations and the mandate regulations that apply to the Faculty Board. The Faculty Board may in turn delegate authority to the Academic Directors with regard to the academic institutes.
  • is authorised with regard to the general management of the Faculty to set guidelines for the Academic Directors.
  • consults regularly with the Academic Directors collectively. It fulfils its responsibilities in close cooperation with these directors and strives to obtain the broadest possible support for its decisions.
  • observes the guidelines formulated by the Executive Board in accordance with article 9.5 of the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (WHW).
  • is accountable to the Executive Board and provides it with information regarding the Faculty.

Board Member

Division of tasks


Professor J.P. van der Leun

  • General management coordination  
  • Faculty strategy (incl. position of faculty in The Hague) 
  • Internal and external contacts 
  • Chairs
  • Internationalisation faculty (incl. Advanced Master’s programmes) 
  • Employee participation
  • PhD defences 
  • Alumni policy and fundraising 
  • Marketing and Communicatie 
  • Diversity 
  • Library     

Director of Research and  Vice Dean

Professor L.J. (Larissa) van den Herik

  • Research
  • Research profiling
  • Graduate School/ PhD policy
  • Internationalisation in research 
  • ICT & Research  

Director of Education

Dr P.C. (Peter) van Es

  • Education (regular bachelor’s and master’s programmes) 
  • New programmes 
  • Faculty teaching at the Faculty Governance and Global Affairs / LUC 
  • Honours College Law 
  • ICT & Education 
  • Internationalisation of education (regular programmes) 
  • Contacts with the professional field  

Director of Operational Management

D.H.J.H. (Dennis) Hoitink

  • Finance   
  • Personnel and organisation 
  • Other support services 
  • Post-academic Education (Juridisch PAO)   
  • Management information & information management 
  • Office automation and business systems  
  • Office accommodation and facilities 

Student member / assessor (Sep 2017-Aug 2018)

Bas Knapp

  • Students, student facilities, student information, complaints 
  • Study associations, NOVUM 
  • Intermediate for students  and Faculty with regard to teaching, research and organisation 
  • Diversity



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