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Time schedule elections 2024

University elections will be held from 22 to 25 April 2024. During that period, you can vote online for student and staff members of the University Council, the student members of the Faculty Councils and the LUMC Student Council. There will also be an interim election for the staff members of the Faculty Council of Humanities.

Time schedule

25 March

Reference date and determination of electoral registers. On this day it is determined who can choose and who can apply. The Electoral Offices will have more time this year to establish the electoral registers.

26 and 27 March

Submission of candidacy 
If you want to fulfill a position in participation, you must apply with a digital form on 26 or 27 March by 16.00. This form must be sent to the relevant Polling station. Read more about the application and the digital forms.

Checking the electoral register
On these days, you can request the relevant Polling station to check that you are properly registered for the elections. You must send an e-mail from your uMail or ULCN account to the Polling station. Requests from other email accounts will not be processed due to privacy regulations. If your name is not in the electoral register, you can request the Polling station to improve the register. The Polling station will make a decision on this request no later than 28 March. If you do not agree with this decision, you can lodge an appeal from 29 March to 3 April. A special committee will then make a decision as soon as possible.

28 March

On 28 March, the Polling station will decide whether the applications meet all requirements. If you do not agree with the decision, you can appeal from 29 March to 3 April. A special committee will make a decision as soon as possible.

Candidates also have the opportunity to have the errors corrected on 29 March and 1 April. The electoral committee will take a decision on this request no later than 2 April. If you do not agree with the decision about the candidacy, you can appeal from 3 to 11 April. 

22 to 25 April

Voting is possible from Monday 22 April 7:00 hours to Thursday 25 April 16:00 hours. Students and staff members will receive an email for this, but they can also vote directly via the election app. You can vote online for student members of the University Council, the student and staff members of the Faculty Councils, the LUMC Student Council and the Employee Councils. 

26 April
On 26 April, the President of the University Council will announce the result of the vote. The way in which this will be done will be announced. An appeal may be lodged against the result within four days. The decision on such an appeal will be announced in accordance with the applicable terms.
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