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If on the basis of the checklist, you research needs to be presented to the committee, you are required to use the standard application form. Please send the completed form before one of the below mentioned deadlines to ethics@hum.leidenuniv.nl. Applications submitted after the deadline will be discussed during the next available meeting. Only the application form and the in the application form requested annexes will be reviewed by the committee. Additional documents like grant application will not be reviewed.

The following persons may apply to the Committee for an ethical review:

  • Staff of the Faculty of Humanities or the Faculty of Archaeology.
  • PhD candidates affiliated to the Faculty Graduate School of the Faculty of Humanities or the Faculty of Archaeology. These may be contract PhD candidates, PhD candidates employed by Leiden University and external PhD candidates. 
  • Persons who make use of the facilities of the Faculty of Humanities or the Faculty of Archaeology.

The committee does not review research conducted by students. The supervisor/instructor is responsible for assessing whether research conducted by students is ethically acceptable.

The committee only reviews proposed research. Ongoing or completed research will not be reviewed. 

Short procedure

For research that has already been approved by an ethics committee of a different university, only the approval needs to be presented to the committee. If the LU committee recognizes the external committee that has provided the approval, the research does not need to be presented to the LU committee.

If the proposed research is similar to research that has received approval by the committee, the application form of the approved research supplemented with a short summary (maximum 500 words) of the differences between the proposed research and the approved research needs to be presented to the committee.

Dates Ethics Committee:

  • Meeting 14-01-2020 → deadline 07-01-2020
  • Meeting 5-02-2020 1 → deadline 29-01-2020
  • Meeting 10-03-2020 → deadline 03-03-2020
  • Meeting 15-04-2020 → deadline 08-04-2020
  • Meeting 12-05-2020 → deadline 05-05-2020
  • Meeting 03-06-2020 → deadline 27-05-2020
  • Meeting 07-07-2020 → deadline 30-06-2020
  • Meeting 23-11-2020 →  deadline 16-11-2020
  • Meeting 16-12-2020 →  deadline 10-12-2020

Meeting dates for the calendar year 2021 will follow as soon as possible.

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