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Executive Board


The Executive Board is responsible for the efficient and effective management of the whole University.

What does the Executive Board do?

  • Draws up the Administration and Management Regulations.
  • Bears responsibility for the entire administration of the University.
  • Issues guidelines to the Faculty Boards on the organisation and coordination of the exercise of their powers.
  • Mandates administrative powers to the Faculty Boards, directors of the units that do not belong to faculties, the central units and the University service centres.
  • If necessary, issues instructions to mandate holders.

Position at the University

The Executive Board is the highest administrative body of Leiden University. The Board of Governors appoints, suspends and dismisses the members of the Executive Board.


See the members of the Executive Board

Secretary to the Executive Board

Carolien Metselaar
tel. 071 527 3153 


The members of the Executive Board have their own contact person

Postal address

Postbus 9500
2300 RA Leiden

Visiting address

Rapenburg 70
2312 EZ Leiden
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