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Application procedure

Before submitting a review, please consult the Ethics Review Committee of the Social Sciences Ethical Procedure and Questions document. This document helps to clarify the ethical questions and dilemmas in your research. To submit your research project, please use the Review form for informing the committee about the ethical issues in your research.

When collecting personal data, contact the Privacy Officer for approval of a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). Please contact Max van Arnhem if you have any questions about the assessment. The Privacy Officer will inform the Ethics Review Committee about the outcome of the assessment.

Before collecting any personal data, make sure you are sufficiently comfortable with privacy-compliance and information security questions. The Faculty's Privacy Officer can help you with GDPR compliance, information security, data transfer/processing issues, and assist you with legal agreements related to data transfer/processing.

Target group

Researchers working in the Institutes of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Political Science and the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (i.e., project managers, PhD candidates, assistant professors, associate professors, visiting researchers, professors by special appointment) can contact us for advice.


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