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Faculty Council

Faculty Council 2023 - 2024

The Faculty Council is the representative body at the Faculty. The Council provides advice to the Faculty Board, whether requested or at the Council’s own initiative, on all matters at Faculty level related to education and teaching, research and organisation.

The Faculty Council is composed of representatives from among staff (seven members) and students (seven members) at the Faculty.


The following parties are represented on the Faculty Council: 

  • staff: the Progressive Party (PP) and the Independents (Onafh.).
  • students: Progressive Students List (LVS), ONS Leiden and the Christian Student Party Leiden (CSL).

Term of appointment

The term of appointment for members on the Council is one year for student members and two years for staff. Appointments take effect on 1 September and terminate on 31 August.

For the academic year 2023-2024, Lara Hartman-Ohnesorge will act as chairman and Marieke Zomerdijk will act as vice-chairman.

The official description of the duties of the Council is contained in the Leiden Law School Rules of Procedure.

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