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You can ask the student section of the Faculty Council any and all questions, opinions or ideas about the faculty. let your voice as a student be heard!

Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten (LVS)

LVS promotes the interests of all students, including international students. We stand for inclusion, diversity and a sharp, critical view of the University. The well-being of students, a place where everyone can feel at home, and an environment where we are treated respectfully as students and where we can be involved: these are my priorities. That means treating students equally, and  including students with other needs and convictions, and those who do not speak Dutch. When looking at policies, we focus on the impact on our health, including mental health, pressure of work and well-being as students. Make sure you vote for LVS!


  • Julia de Klerk
  • Jose Manuel Jun Pereira

Democratic Students Party - Students Collective (DSP-SC)

Democratic Students Party (DSP)

The Democratic Students Party - The Hague is a party that has always worked to represent the opinions of our fellow students actively and respectfully, aiming to address current hopes and concerns. We are a party that isn't afraid to express criticism of the management, to make the opinions of our colleagues known and to address issues such as diversity, inclusiveness and student well-being. One key aim for us is that everyone should have a voice and that this voice has to be listened to, respected and represented. A vote for DSP is a vote for inclusiveness! 


  • Sara Bieshaar
  • Tim Kerkhoff

Students Collective (SC)

Decolonise, Decarbonise, Democratise! We're the newest student party in Leiden and our goal is a just and transparent university. We're committed to uplifting marginalised and critical voices in university politics and the academic community at large. You can read our manifesto here and get in touch with us at lu-stuco@protonmail.com.


  • Susan van Grol
  • Robin Wacanno

Liberale Studentenpartij (LSP)

The University elections are the opportunity for students to put their stamp on the day-to-day happenings at out fantastic University. Whether it's about study facilities, how we can make our premises more sustainable, how we can improve the quality of the education or promoting a rich student life: there's a good chance that the University Council and/or the Faculty Councils are involved and have a say in all these issues. LSP is the newest, fastest growing and biggest student party in Leiden. Our motto is: your student years are about more than studying. And that's what we aim to promote! Questions or suggestions? Contact us via social media.  


  • Jamal Smith

Ondernemende Studenten Leiden (ONS)

ONS is the green party for active students. Your student years are a time when you should be developing across all fronts. The university that ONS represents is a university that provides excellent education and research, that cares about your personal development and wellbeing, that supports Leiden's student associations, ensures good working conditions for its staff and makes a contribution to society. In short, an ambitious and world-class university. Do you share these ambitions? Then vote for ONS!


  • Wessel Kornegoor
  • Daniël Hooimeijer
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