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Humanities Think Tank

What is the Humanities Think Tank?

The Humanities Think Tank (HTT) is composed out of 16 students from 16 different study programmes. The Think Tank meets every 6 weeks to discuss and advice the Leiden Faculty of Humanities about relevant faculty topics such as communication towards students, the integration of research and education, the university elections and so on. The HTT is a platform for staff members to pitch and discuss new or existing plans in order to take into account the student view. Furthermore, the HTT can signal or pick up new topics that might not be on the radar of the board.

De Humanities Think Tank tries to balance its members so every student body is represented by a diverse mix of students. That way the HTT also offers the members a chance to meet students who are active in another student body.

Members 2019-2020

Jonatan Wirix-Speetjens - MA Literary Studies/Assessor
Rosemarie van Tol - MA History & BA Linguistics/Member Leids Universitair Studentenplatform
Levina de Wolf - BA Russische Studies/Member Program Board
Dana van Vliet - ResMA Geschiedenis/ Member Program Board
Madina Faiz - Pre-master Middle Eastern Studies/ Member Program Board
Femke van de Griendt - BA Nederlandse Taal en Cultuur/ Member Program Board
Jordan Mantov - MA Philosophy: Global Perspectives/ Member Program Committee
Pablo Kattenberg - MA Literary Studies/ Member Program Committee
Anoek Zijderveld - MA International Relations/ Member Program Committee
Danielle Wix - BA Engelse Taal en Cultuur/ Member Program Committee
Omar Ghaly - BA Oude Nabije Oosten-studies/Board member Study Association
Ana Luiza Yallouz - BA Arts, Media and Society/ Board member Study Association
Judith Davids - BA Japanstudies/Student-ambassador
Pippijn van Gulik - BA Geschiedenis/ Member Faculty Council
Kevin Siregar - BA Koreastudies/Member Faculty Education Committee
Marlene van der Velde - MA History/Member University Council

Ideas or suggestions?

University elections, research and education, communication towards students… Do you have interesting topics you think deserve to be discussed? Send a mail to your assessor (assessor@hum.leidenuniv.nl) or approach a member of the HTT you might coincidentally know. 

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