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Programme Committee

The Programme Committee of the Institute of Education and Child Studies advises the institute and faculty councils about everything that concerns education. Furthermore, the Programme Committee  actively contributes to quality assurance of the Institute’s bachelor’s and master’s programmes.

Both staff and students are represented in the Programme Committee. They maintain close contact with their constituencies, for whom they serve as a point of contact.

The Programme Committee consists of 6 student members and 6 teacher members. The term of office of the students is one year - re-election is possible. The term of office of the staff members is 2 years - re-election is also possible.

Student members

  • Birte van der Heide
  • Kikki Koppers
  • Nathan van Scheppingen
  • Gaby Zalm
  • Britt Heuvelman
  • Daphne van der Burgt

Suggestions for improvement?

How students see their programmes is and important indicator for the quality of education. The Programme Committee makes sure that students are being heard, for example, during the annual of the Course and Examination Regulations, the course calendar and teaching evaluations. At the same time, ad hoc advice is appreciated.

Contact the Programme Committee with ideas or proposals to further improve the quality of our programmes.
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