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Committee on Teaching

The standing Committee on Teaching advises the Faculty Board – on request or on its own initiative – about all aspects of the Faculty’s education policy. It also fulfils the role of Department Teaching Committee for the core curriculum courses: it analyses the student evaluations and provides the Faculty Board with reports and advice based on this analysis.

Each year, the Committee also acts as the jury for the Faculty’s Teaching Prize, and each year selects the best master’s thesis within the Faculty, which then competes for the University-wide Thesis Prize.

The Committee on Teaching advises on

  • changes in curricula
  • how follow-up is given to external assessments (‘visitations’)
  • all issues relating to the Faculty’s education policy

In recent years, the Committee has been intensively involved with new and revised study programmes, study success rates and quality assurance.

Committee on Teaching

Staff members:

  • Anita van Dissel (Institute for History)
  • Paz Gonzalez Gonzalez (LUCL)
  • Jan Gerrit Dercksen (LIAS)
  • Gerlov van Engelenhoven (LUCAS)
  • Johan de Jong (Institute for Philosophy)

Student members:

  • Izaak Mulder
  • Billie van Leeuwen
  • Marie Russelburg
  • Luge Yu

The secretary for the Committee on Teaching is Jan Willem Rozier

Teaching Prize

The Board of the Faculty of Humanities decided in its meeting of 31 August 2010 to establish a Faculty Teaching Prize. All members of teaching staff of the Faculty can be nominated. The Humanities Teaching Prize includes an award of €1,000 (gross). The Committee on Teaching selects the winner of the Teaching Prize.


The Committee meets once a month, usually during the week before the Faculty Council meeting. The Committee on Teaching is primarily an advisory body for the Faculty Board, but it also has the power to independently raise issues for discussion.

The Committee expressly invites students and teaching staff of the Faculty of Humanities to report any problems in the area of teaching using the following email address: commissie_onderwijs@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

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