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The Local Consultative Body meets six times per year. Its meetings are not public. In preparation for this meeting, a meeting takes place between the union delegation and the director of the Administration Directorate from the General and Administrative Services department. This takes place about five times per year.

The union delegations meet monthly, immediately before the meeting of the Local Consultative Body and the preparatory meeting.

Meeting dates 2023

Date Local Consultative Body Preparatory Meeting

Thursday 29 February

12.00-13.30 13.30-14.30

Thursday 25 April

12.00-13.30 13.30-14.30


11.00-12.30 12.30-13.30

Thursday 26 September

12.00-13.30 13.30-14.30

Thursday 5 December

12.00-13.30 13.30-14.30
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