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Operational Management and Advisory

Responsibility of the department

Operational Management and Advisory supports the directorates within Administration and Central Services. It also supports directors of expertise centres in terms of internal operational management, in the areas of human resources (HR), finance, ICT and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Wat does the department do?

  • Advises the management within Administration and Central Services, Student and Educational Affairs (SEA), Real Estate and Luris regarding personnel matters, organisational development and change processes. It ensures that relevant legislation and regulations and (university) HR policy are properly observed.
  • Coordinates the inflow, throughflow and outflow of employees.
  • Oversees the financial management of Administration and Central Services, SEA, Luris, Libertatis Ergo Holding and a few foundations with products in the planning and control cycle.
  • Monitors the central budgets of the University, SEA and Luris (in consultation with the budget holders).
  • Assesses and advises on financial issues and business cases within Administration and Central Services, SOZ, Luris and Libertatis Ergo Holding.
  • Manages the financial impact of the ICT goals in a long-term ICT business plan.
  • Develops and coordinates the University-wide sustainability policy and the Leiden University Green Office.

Position within the University

Operational Management and Advisory operates under Management Support, which in turn operates under Administration and Central Services. The department works closely with the directorates, service units, Honours Academy and Leiden University Green Office.


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Dr. ir. A. (Anneloes) Blanken
tel. +31 71 527 1163


M.S.S. Shriemissier
tel. +31 71 527 3185

Postal address

Postbus 9500
2300 RA Leiden

Visiting address

Rapenburg 70, A4.02
2311 EZ Leiden

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