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Student Sounding-Board Group

Student Sounding-Board Group (SKG) is an informal platform that acts as a consultant for the faculty policy. The SKG meets once a month, under the chairmanship of the assessor, to discuss various topics such as study advice, student communication and the facilities of the building. The SKG is a connecting factor between the various faculty bodies, which normally do not come into contact with each other readily.

SKG goals and tasks

  • Giving solicited (and if desired, unsolicited) advice to stakeholders within the faculty;
  • Forming an additional, informal sounding board function between the council, the employee participation body and other faculty student bodies;
  • Timely identifying themes that are relevant to students and ensures that the issue is dealt with in the appropriate body.


Chair  person  Assessor  Laura Boncz
Secretary  LUS-member FSW  Yesim Benli 
Members Commissioner Education SPIL  Elena van der Klok  
  Commissioner Education Labyrint  Syd Peters 
  Commissioner Education Emile  Merijne Hoogeweegen 
  Assessor Education Itiwana  Des van Binnebeke 
PC members Members PC Education and Child Studies
  •  Lonneke Steenbergen
  • Anouk Gijben
  Member PC Political Science bachelor  

 Huba Varga 

  Member PC Political Science master   

 Shakki Bhat 

  Member BPC Psychology  

 Nicky van der Waard

  Member (R)MPC Psychology  

 Tim Christmann

  Members PC CA-DS
  • Benjamin Maldonado
  • Vacancy
FC member Member Faculty Council  

 Lotte Honselaar

PB member Student member Programme Board  Arianna Pearlstein
Student-ambassador Student-ambassador  


 Carolien Jongenotter


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