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Student Sounding-Board Group

Student Sounding-Board Group (SKG) is an informal platform that acts as a consultant for the faculty policy. The SKG meets once a month, under the chairmanship of the assessor, to discuss various topics such as study advice, student communication and the facilities of the building. The SKG is a connecting factor between the various faculty bodies, which normally do not come into contact with each other readily.

SKG goals and tasks

  • Giving solicited (and if desired, unsolicited) advice to stakeholders within the faculty;
  • Forming an additional, informal sounding board function between the council, the employee participation body and other faculty student bodies;
  • Timely identifying themes that are relevant to students and ensures that the issue is dealt with in the appropriate body.


Chair  person  Assessor  Laura Boncz
Secretary  LUS-member FSW Birte van der Heide
Members Commissioner Education SPIL Frederika Togtema  
  Commissioner Education Labyrint Sanna Plomp  
  Commissioner Education Emile Aimée Lubach
  Assessor Education Itiwana Ana Garcia-Casillas Martinez-Gomez 
PC members Members PC Education and Child Studies
  • Britt Heuvelman
  • Mike Ushakov
  Member PC Political Science bachelor João Bazelga  
  Member PC Political Science master Merel van Assem
  Member BPC Psychology Nima Hakim  
  Member (R)MPC Psychology Olivia Gadberry  
  Members PC CA-DS
  • Liselotta Emilie Jahnke  
  • Mees Visser 
FC member Member Faculty Council Ali Koray Guclu 
PB member Student member Programme Board Pablo Pandocchi 
Student-ambassador Student-ambassador

Anouk Rog

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