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Co-participation: student council

The Student Council (SR) of the LUMC represents all LUMC students and is an advisory body to the Board of Directors of the LUMC.

Tasks and rights of the student council

The Student Council follows the Board of Directors critically throughout the year and has the right to advise and approve various issues within LUMC:

  • the Education and Examination Regulations (OER),
  • the Long Term Housing Plan (LTHP)
  • the annual faculty budget.

Student council members

The student council consists of seven elected students. The student assessor completes the SR as an observer. The term of office of the SR is one academic year.

  • Koen Wijsman, chairman
  • Fleur Meulmeester, vice-chairman
  • Marlies Wagener, secretary
  • Willem van den Akker, member
  • Sanne Franssen, member
  • Eline Fung Fen Chung, Member
  • Bo van Oldenmark, member
  • Rebekka van Beek, student assessor


Do you have a question? Send an e-mail to the student council: studentenraad@lumc.nl.

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