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Administration and Central Services

The Administration and Central Services department supports the Executive Board (CvB) in managing Leiden University. The department is also responsible for the policy and decision-making of the CvB.


The Administration and Central Services department works closely with the faculties and the expertise centres. The department carries out tasks and provides services relating to finances, staff, legal affairs and strategic communication in the areas of:

Administration and Central Services works closely with the faculties and expertise centres, performing tasks and providing services related particularly to finance, staffing, legal affairs and strategic communication in the areas of University administration, careers advice, objections and appeals procedures, and press briefing and science communication.
Administration and Central Services is managed by the Director, who is also the Secretary of the Executive Board and chair of the Management Team.

Management team

Dr. C. (Carolien) Metselaar
Director / Secretary of Executive Board
+31 71 527 3153

Dr.ir. K. (Karin) Horsman
Director Strategic and Academic Affairs

R.M.M. (Renée) Merkx 
Director of Strategic Communication and Marketing 
+31 (0)71 527 61 31 

H.N.L. (Heleen) Cocu-Wassink
Interim director of Human Resource Management
+31 71 527 7622

G. (Gertjan) Boshuizen 
Head of Financial Economic Affairs

+31 71 527 3178

J.W.H. (Jan-Willem) Brock
Director of Information Management
+31 71 527 3341

A. (Anneloes) Blanken
Head of Operational Management and Advisory
+31 71 527 1163 

Components of Administration and Central Services

Administration and Central Services consists of the following directorates and management support units:


Directorate of Human Resource Management
Directorate of Finance
Directorate of Strategic and Academic Affairs
Directorate of Strategic Communication and Marketing
Directorate of Information Management

Management Support

Legal Affairs
Management Affairs
Office of the Beadle
Operational Management and Advisory
Management Support Secretariats


K.A (Kim) Hardonk MA

Postal address
PO Box 9500 
2300 RA Leiden 

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