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The staff of the secretariat of the Institute of Political Science provide a range of services to support the members of the Institute.

Our team

  • Denise van Veen Head of the secretariat The Hague: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Anna van Dijk Management assistant The Hague: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Debbie Tromper Management assistant The Hague: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Tessa Thomas Management assistant Leiden: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Judy Spruit Management assistant Leiden: Monday, Tuesday, Friday

Contact, addresses

The secretariat is located in the Pieter de la Court building (5th floor):


The secretariat is located in the Wijnhaven building (6th floor):

Frequently asked questions

Your first port of call is the Student Affairs Front Office.

Students in the Political Science: International Relations and Organisations programme will find (almost) all additional information on the students website.

Students in the programmes of the Institute of Political Science (Politicologie, Internationale Politiek, International Relations and Organisation) refer to the exchange pages on the student website.

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