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Information Management

The Information Manager of the Faculty of Archeology is the intermediate between the faculty and the ISSC and the BestuursBureau. He is responsible for implementing ICT-policy and communicating about it.

At the Faculty of Archaeology the Information Management role is combined with those of Privacy Officer, ICT&O-coordinator and Research Data Manager. He also approves requests to the ISSC helpdesk.

The Information Manager can help you with

  • Persistent problems with your digital work space (not solvable through the ISSC helpdesk).
  • Advice on hardware or software choices.
  • Support for Brightspace and web lectures.
  • Using digital media in your education.
  • Reviewing your Data Management Plan. 
  • Questions about personal data and the AVG/GDPR.
  • Information security issues, such as phishing e-mail
  • Questions about intellectual property and copyright.
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