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Studium Generale

Studium Generale (SG) organises general academic activities, such as lectures, symposia, film screenings and debates, which supplement the education offered by Leiden University’s faculties. The goals of Studium Generale are to stimulate a greater interest in the academic sciences, to contribute to cultural and societal development, and to create a better understanding of the link between academic science and society.  These activities are intended for students, staff and the general public alike.



Laetitia Smit
+31 71 527 7297

Postal address

PO Box 9500 
2300 RA Leiden 
The Netherlands

Visiting address

Academy Building
Rapenburg 73 (B2.04)
2311 GJ Leiden
The Netherlands
+31 71 527 7283 / 7295 / 7296 / 1964

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