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Faculty Council

The Faculty Council of Science is the representative body of our Faculty, whose role it is to critically follow the Faculty Board, to advise and sometimes participate in decisions on important issues.

Members Faculty Council


Both staff and students are represented. During elections will be determined who will serve on the Faculty Council.

Monthly meetings

Each month the Faculty Board and Council meet to consider matters such as finances, personnel, education and facility services. In addition, the Council seeks clarification on questions that arise in the Faculty and searches for solutions to those questions. 

Agendas and minutes

Agendas and minutes (in Dutch) can be found on the student's website page of the Faculty Council (select a Science programme to view the Faculty information).

Members Faculty Council 2021/2022

Coen van Hasselt
Institute: LACDR

Sander van Kasteren
Institute: LIC

Anthony Brown
Institute: Observatory

Martina Huber
Institute: LION

Linda Holtman
Institute: LACDR
Michelle Spierings
Institute: IBL
Sylvestre Bonnet 
Institute: LIC
Jenny Lam
Party: Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten (LVS)

Kamand Hajighapour
Party: Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten (LVS)

Jesse Bosman
Party: Liberale Studentenpartij (LSP)

Rebecca Ultee
Party: Liberale Studentenpartij (LSP)
Pepijn Smals
Party: Partij voor Bèta en Medische Studenten (PBMS)
Victor van der Horst
Party: Partij voor Bèta en Medische Studenten (PBMS
Tijn Jacobs
Party: Ondernemende Studenten Leiden (ONS)
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