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FLO - ICT in Education

The Future Learning Office (FLO team) supports the use of ICT systems and tools in education within this faculty. FLO is, among other things, the first point of contact for Brightspace and is responsible for the Weblectures in the lecture halls. If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask. You can contact FLO, via e-mail at FLO@FGGA.Leidenuniv.nl or our Teams channel FGGA-FLO.

Who are we?

FLO hosts a team of three employees and two student assistants: Tamar van der Riet (coordinator), Katarina Stankovic and Praneet Khandal and the two student assistants: Christa Anker and Deveney Muller.

What are we here for?

Together we answer questions about different forms of blended- and hybrid education and provide tips on the use of systems such as Brightspace, Kaltura, Microsoft Teams and ANS. We also advise the teacher on the right digital tools for appropriate online education.


FLO is responsible for the livestreams of lectures given in rooms with special Mediasite equipment. This includes the coordination of the Weblectures, editing of the video’s and making them available for teachers. The video coordination  is available for rooms: Wijnhaven 2.01, 2.02, Anna van Bueren 2.21 en Schouwburgstraat A0.06.

Blended learning

We speak of blended learning when digital tools and teaching methods are used within the programs and courses. Together with the teacher, FLO looks at the possibilities of online ICT tools. Based on the teacher's wishes, we recommend various options such as the use of Pitch2Peer, Presenterswall or FeedbackFruits. If we do not know, we will call in a university expert.

In addition, the FLO team is also involved in new digital possibilities and/or replacement of existing tools.

Hybrid teaching

When the combination is ​​made of onsite and online teaching, this is called hybrid education. Within the FGGA this is possible thanks to the Learn Anywhere rooms.

The Learn Anywhere rooms have extra screens so that the teacher can see both the students in the room and the students elsewhere in one view. Students who are elsewhere can see the teacher, the screen that is shared and possibly the whiteboard with notes from the teacher. This provides almost the same experience as when the student is physically present.

Digital exams

At the Faculty of FGGA, the examination software ANS has been chosen. This is very user-friendly software that enables teachers to take and mark digital exams in a simple way. With tips and tricks from ANS, we give the teacher the opportunity to set up an exam according to their own preferences. In addition, Brightspace also offers options and variants for administering digital tests.


The Mediacenter has been opened in April 2022. In the Mediacenter (Wijnhaven, 4,64) it is possible for teachers and students (when related to education) to record podcasts. To give an example of podcasts, the FLO has now recorded two podcasts. Click here to listen to our FLO Podcast (for free) via Spotify. If you want to see if the Mediacenter is available and make your own reservation, click here. Contact us if you want to know more about the possibilities of the Mediacenter.

In addition to recording podcasts, we also want to offer the recording of videos in a quiet environment to teachers and students. We are currently investigating the possibilities and as soon as we can provide more information about this, we will share this immediately.

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