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Administrative Shared Service Centre (ASSC) Staff Committee

On 1 January 2021, the Administrative Shared Service Centre (ASSC) appointed its own Staff Committee. The Staff Committee represents all ASSC staff and consults regularly with the Centre’s managers to ensure that the ASSC continues to run smoothly. The Committee focuses on relevant matters such as working conditions, safety, experience at work, training and organisation. It can give advice both when asked and on its own initiative, and the management is required to respond to the Committee’s advice. 


As of 1 September 2023, the members are:

Name Role
Edith den Boer General member 
Arjan van Rijn   General member
Annemieke Hoogenboezem  General member
Tom Wight General member 

Arjan and Edith joined the BB Staff Committee in mid-2019, and when the ASSC became a separate entity in 2021 they became acting members of the ASSC’s Staff Committee. Annemieke and Tom joined the Committee in April 2021.

As Staff Committee members, they prioritise transparency and good communication, whatever the topic under discussion. The committee members are keen to ensure that you, the staff of the ASSC, can easily get in touch with them.
Edith has been working at the university since August 2017, first as an HR officer in the Faculty of Humanities and since January 2019 in the Personnel Shared Service Centre (PSSC) working on Intake and Outflow, which is now part of the ASSC.

Arjan has worked in the university’s Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC) since October 2013. He began as a temporary colleague on the Liquid Assets team, rising over the years to become Liquid Assets Team Leader. 
Annemieke joined the university’s Functional Application Management department in 2015.  She has always found the university to be a good organisation to work for, and as part of the Staff Committee she hopes to help maintain that positive environment and, where necessary, improve it for others. In spite of the current circumstances, Annemieke is keen to be as accessible as possible, and she hopes to get out and about and talk to people as much as she can, to understand the issues that are important within the ASSC.

Tom started working for the university in January 2021 as an Information Management adviser as part of the ASSC’s Documentary Information and Archiving team. Before joining the university, he had spent 15 years working for various government bodies and companies in the field of information, processes and IT.


If you have any questions – or if there’s something you think the Staff Committee should be made aware of – please e-mail Arjan, Annemieke, Edith or Tom. Alternatively, you can call them in Microsoft Teams.

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