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Administrative Shared Service Centre (ASSC) Staff Committee

Since 1 January 2021 the ASSC has had its own staff committee. This represents the ASSC staff and regularly consults with the ASSC management. The objective is to ensure the smooth running of the ASSC. The staff committee raises relevant matters relating to health and safety, security, job satisfaction, training and organisation, and can advise management, regardless whether this advice has been sought. Management has to respond to this advice. 
The ASSC staff committee currently comprises two acting members:

Arjan and Edith joined the BB staff committee in mid-2019, and have been acting members of the ASSC staff committee since its reorganisation in 2021. They will therefore represent the ASSC staff committee until the next election. As members of this staff committee, they believe their work at the ASSC should be transparent and that they should communicate openly with each other, regardless the topic. 

Edith joined the university in August 2017. She began in the Human Resources team at the Faculty of Humanities, and moved in January 2019 to the PSSC’s Inflow/Outflow team, which is now part of the ASSC.
Arjan has been working at the university since October 2013, and has worked at the FSSC ever since. He began as a temp in the Liquid Resources team and is now a Team Leader within the same team. 


If you have any questions or if there is something you think the staff committee should be aware of, please contact Arjan or Edith by mail or call them through Microsoft Teams.

They won’t be able to help with individual problems, such as a workplace conflict, but will be able to refer you to someone who can.
of via mail of bellen via Microsoft Teams.

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