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Committee on Whistleblowing

The Committee on Whistleblowing investigates known or suspected malpractices, and issues recommendations to the Executive Board. The Regulation on Reporting Malpractice contains further information on the precise procedure. The identity of the person filing a report will not be revealed without this person’s permission.


Chair prof. mr. H.J. Snijders

prof. dr. T.M. Willemsen
prof.dr. E.P.Bos
prof.dr. R. Zwijnenberg
Mr. H.J. Houtkooper

Reporting malpractice

If you suspect a malpractice, please report this internally to your supervisor. If you would rather not report it directly, please contact the Confidential Counsellor on Malpractice. You can also report an issue of malpractice externally. For more information, please contact the Dutch Whistleblowers Authority.

Confidentiality guaranteed

The Committee on Whistleblowing and its Secretary are bound to confidentiality. All information is treated in the strictest confidence.

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