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Faculty Board FSW

The Faculty Board is the highest administrative body in the Faculty.

Tasks Faculty Board

  • establishing the course programmes, after approval by the Faculty Council,  and issuing more detailed regulations concerning the set-up and scale of examinations;
  • establishing the Faculty regulations, after approval by the Faculty Council;
  • approving research programmes;
  • drafting the annual Faculty budget
  • advising the University Board on the appointment of professors.


The Faculty Board consists of 4 members of the Faculty community, all appointed by the University Executive Board. The chairperson, with the title of ‘Dean’, is recruited from the professors. The Faculty Board includes at least one student member (called "assessor):

Left to right: Kristiaan van der Heijden, Rolf Oosterloo, Sarah de Rijcke, Bart Barendregt. Front: Laura Boncz.


The Faculty Board is accountable to the University Executive Board, and is responsible for:  

  • the organisation and coordination of education and research in the disciplines subsumed under the Faculty
  • monitoring the execution of course and research programmes  
  • preparing the consultative meetings with the Faculty Council, and
  • announcing and carrying out the decisions taken there.


The Faculty is run according to the principles of Integral Management. The Faculty Board is head of the Faculty, and is ultimately responsible for policy and administration. The Dean is Chair of the Faculty Board.


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