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Luris is the Knowledge Exchange Office for Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and connects academics with the market and society at large, in order to make the most of their scientific knowledge.

From these connections projects come into being that are valuable for society, for instance in the field of new medication, software, innovative pedagogical insights or a translation programme. For the connections to flourish it is important that both parties understand each other and are willing to form an alliance. Luris supports academics in setting up and maintaining their accounts by working with them when funds are needed, or a partner, an introduction in a (new) network, a fitting contract, or a mentor for a spin-out project.

Luris aims to:

  • establish many multidisciplinary and strategic research collaborations,
  • offer research-related knowledge and legal advice to ambitious Leiden academics,
  • foster and support academic entrepreneurial ambitions.


  • early involvement in academics’ projects to identify internal opportunities,
  • screening and scouting for collaboration opportunities with strategic partners,
  • facilitating and advancing the research partnerships,
  • entrepreneurial programmes,
  • creating network connections for aspiring entrepreneurs.

More information

 Luris consists of four teams:

  • Business Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Grant Development
  • Legal Affairs



Anouschka Versleijen
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PLNT Leiden
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