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HRM Learning & Development

The development of your (personal) leadership skills begins with  HRM Learning & Development

Leading interdisciplinary research and education: that’s what Leiden University stands for. All professionals within the University make a to this, each in their own particular way. At HRM Learning & Development you develop your (personal) leadership skills and the professional competences that you need for your work today and in the future.

The focus at HRM Learning & Development is on three themes:

  1. The growth of (personal) leadership
  2. Developing professional skills and competences, and a professional attitude to work
  3. Job and career development

What does HRM Learning & Development do?

  • Training courses and skills labs in general skills, such as working effectively, communication, project management
  • Training programmes in the area of (personal) leadership skills
  • Advice on individually tailored training courses
  • Career coaching
  • Coaching in the area of personal effectiveness and vitality
  • Guidance of peer review groups

Position within the University

HRM Learning & Development is part of the Human Resource Management (HRM) department. HRM falls under the Operational Management directorate of Administration and Central Services.

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