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Deanship of PhD Studies

The Graduate School of Law has a Deanship of PhD Studies which is assisted by the administrative staff of the Meijers Institute, Research Institute and Graduate School.

The responsibilities includes:

-              holding start and exit meetings with doctoral candidates
-              discussing and approving the Training and Supervision Plan
-              chairing the evaluation meetings
-              providing advice on appointments and contract extensions
-              consultations with doctoral candidates and their representatives
-              assisting in establishing the policy on doctoral studies

prof.dr. Jean-Pierre van der Rest

Prof. dr. Jean-Pierre van der Rest

Prof.dr. Jean-Pierre van der Rest is responsible for the PhD candidates of:

Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of the Law
eLaw- Center for Law and Digital Technologies 
Moot Court and advocacy
Philosophy of Law
Legal History
Van Vollenhoven Institute

Institute of Private Law
Criminal Law and Criminology

Institute of Public Law
Labour Law and Social Security
Grotius Center for International Legal Studies
Europa Institute
Institute of Immigration Law
Institute of Air and Space Law
Constitutional and Administrative Law

Institute of Tax Law and Economics

To make an appointment

To make an appointment with the PhD Dean, you can send an email.

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