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Strategy 2023 - 2027

An institute that conducts leading research and education and that is able to make a difference in society

That is the Institute of Psychology, and that is our mission. We operate in a societal context filled with opportunities, but also with challenges. Behavioural issues have never before been so much in the spotlight. At the same time, the academic world and the world around us are constantly in motion. To make optimal use of the opportunities and to tackle the challenges facing us, we want to chart the right course for a futureproof institute. This publication presents the strategy we have devised together with our staff that will determine the direction of our Institute of Psychology for the coming five years.

We have formulated five strategic priorities for the coming years, based on the academic core values of Leiden University: connecting, innovative, responsible and free. These strategic priorities define our work.

1. One Institute
– A connecting and transparant organisation

We are working to build one collective institute and an efficient and effective organisation with transparency, diversity, inclusion and cooperation as core values, both internally and externally.

2. Recognition, Rewards and Inspiration
– Shared responsibility and collaboration

Our aim is to create a working environment where everyone can function at their best. Whether you are a student, a member of staff or a manager, each of us contributes to and benefits from an institute where we can work in a healthy, safe, open and inspiring setting: this kind of working environment allows students and staff to develop in different ways. This reflects our commitment to recognising and valuing everyone’s differences and identities.

3. Open Science
– An open, transparent academic culture

We fully endorse the value and importance of open science. Knowledge creation for research and education takes place in an accessible and transparent way. An open, inclusive, collegial and transparent working environment promotes high-quality scientific collaboration, constructive input at an early stage and output that has value for science and society.

4. A strong discipline as the basis for interdisciplinary working
– Stimulating interdisciplinarity for research and education

We strive to strengthen the cohesion between basis and applied research and teaching: this is the foundation of our institute. At the same time, we encourage interdisciplinarity in research and teaching to address today’s societal challenges.

5. Translational Research and Education
– From fundamental knowledge to applications

We focus on conducting independent research and teaching that have both academic and societal impact, and apply advanced technologies and methods to achieve this. We disseminate the knowledge we acquire and connect it with society, by means of the various expertise centres within the institute.

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