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Employee Council ICLON

The Employee Council is composed of employees who represent the ICLON staff. The council serves a body for consultation, advice, information, and communication.
The council conducts consultations with the ICLON management on behalf of the ICLON staff.

The Employee Council promotes the welfare and interests of ICLON employees and works to make ICLON more transparent and open and to improve consultation. 

In its work, the employee council follows the Employee Council Regulations (in Dutch).


As of 1 September 2023, the members are:

Name Role
Inge Bork  Administrative secretary
Carla den Hartog General member
Alma Kuijpers General member
Diana Machielse General member 
Arthur Pormes General member 
Iza Ritsema MA General member 


If you have any questions, of if there’s anything you think we should be aware of, contact one of the members.

If you have a problem of an individual nature, for example a labour conflict, we unfortunately cannot assist. However, we can refer you to the appropriate person or service.

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