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Scientific Directors

At the head of a research discipline is a Scientific Director. Once every two weeks, the Scientific Directors of the Faculty’s eight institutes come together with the Faculty Board to discuss the research portfolios of science, administration, faculty and administration of the budget plan. The Dean is chairman of the meeting and the Scientific Directors.

Roles and responsibilities of the Scientific Directors:

  • Responsible for operation of the institute and quality assurance.
  • Determines the work of staff within the institute.
  • Contributes to care admission, training, and supervision of PhD Students
  • Sets the five-year outline of the research programme at the Institute
  • Advises the Faculty Board to estimate resource serving the research programme
  • Is Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute

Scientific Directors

Prof.dr. Jasper Knoester

Dean and chairman

Prof.dr.ing. Martina Vijver

Scientific Director Center for Environmental Sciences

Prof.dr. Gilles van Wezel

Scientific Director Institute Biology Leiden

Prof.dr. Hubertus Irth
Scientific Director Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research

Prof.dr. Marcello Bonsangue
Scientific Director Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science

Prof.dr. Marcellus Ubbink

Scientific Director Leiden Institute of Chemistry

Prof.dr. Sense Jan van der Molen

Scientific Director Leiden Institute of Physics

Prof. dr. ir. Gianne Derks

Scientific Director, Mathematical Institute (MI) a.i.

Prof.dr. Ignas Snellen

Scientific Director Leiden Observatory

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