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Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners has been legally appointed to organise and coordinate examinations.


Students can turn to the Board of Examiners with individual requests to deviate from the determined curriculum and the official Course & Examination Regulations (OER). 

The board deals with requests for exemptions or for following courses in a different order than is prescribed in the curriculum. Students can also turn to the Board of Examiners in case of delay due to personal, medical, or family circumstances.

Students can turn to the Board of Examiners with complaints concerning the execution of the Rules and Regulations as stipulated in the official Course & Examination Regulations or with complaints concerning grading by the examiner.

Furthermore, an important task of the Board is the determination of rules and regulations concerning the curriculum of the Institute of Cultural Anthropology/Development Sociology (CADS). 


The Board of Examiners is composed of all teaching members of the staff in the bachelor's and master's programmes of CADS. The executive board of the Board of Examiners consists of the following members: 

Requests for the board

Requests for the Board of Examiners have to be in writing and must be addressed to: examencommcaos@fsw.leidenuniv.nl or by post to: 

Board of Examiners
Institute of Cultural Anthropology/Development Sociology
Postbus 9555
2300 RB Leiden 

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