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Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners has its summer recess from 26 July until 16 August 2021. During this period, requests cannot be processed.

Board of Examiners Political Science

Political Science

The Board of Examiners of the Institute of Political Science has been legally appointed to organise and coordinate examinations. Its main powers are described in the programme’s Course & Examination Regulations (CER), as well as its own Rules and Regulations.


The Board of Examiners deals with individual requests to deviate from the official Course & Examination Regulations (CER)—such as requests for exemptions or following courses in a different order as stipulated. Students can also turn to the Board of Examiners in case of delay due to personal, medical, or family circumstances.

Students can lodge an appeal with the Examination Appeals Board against the decisions taken by examinators and the decisions taken by the Board of Examiners as explained in the above-mentioned cases.


Requests made to the Board of Examiners have to be sent by e-mail, i.e. the uMail account that Leiden University has set up for you:

Institute of Political Science
Secretary of the Board of Examiners

Correspondence for the Board, but sent to individual members of the Board or other staff members of the Institute of Political Science will not be taken into consideration.


  • Arjen Boin (chair)
  • Floris Mansvelt Beck
  • Brendan Carroll
  • Corinna Jentzsch
  • Simon Otjes
  • Tom Theuns
  • Monique Leyenaar (external)
  • Henk Overbeek (external)
  • Eleonore Hoefnagel (secretary)
  • Caroline Remmerswaal (secretary)

Frequently asked questions

FAQ Board of Examiners Political Science

Rules and regulations

For the rules and regulations governing the Political Science bachelor’s and master’s programmes, please refer to this page:

Programme rules and regulations Political Science

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