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The authorities of the University Council are set out in the Higher Education and Research Act (WHW; Dutch only) and the University Council Regulations. The University Council has the right of consent, consultation right and right of initiative.

Right of consent

For some decisions, the Executive Board requires the consent of the University Council. Examples are:

  • The institutional plan
  • The design of the quality assurance system
  • The main points of the annual budget
  • The models for the Course and Examination Regulations (OER)

Right of advice

The University Council has a right to advise the Executive Board concerning among other things:

  • Matters about the continued existence and smooth functioning of the university
  • Policies about the creation of holdings and private companies

Right of initiative

And lastly, the University Council has the right to bring matters to the attention of the Executive Board on its own initiative. Parties can do this, for example, by writing a note or submit a question before the closure of the meeting.

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