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Programme Committees

To assure the quality of the study programmes, the Faculty has developed a quality assurance system, of which the Programme Committee (PC) is the most important body. Every study programme has its own PC. You can contact the members of the PC at any time if you have questions or complaints about the teaching. You can also play a part yourself, by becoming a student member and influencing all possible educational issues that are currently important in your study programme.


The PC holds regular meetings with the Programme Board (PB) about all matters related to the teaching of the study programme concerned. The PC can issue advice, on request or on its own initiative, to the Programme Board and the Faculty Board. The PC also assesses the teaching of its study programme by means of periodic evaluations. The procedure for these evaluations is set down in the Faculty’s evaluation protocol. The PC annually evaluates a number of courses from each year of the study programme, and also conducts a curriculum evaluation for each year of the study programme. The PC formulates a report of each evaluation, and on the basis of this advises the Programme Board take actions that should be taken.

Higher Education and Research Act

The Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) stipulates that the Department Teaching Committee has the following tasks:

  • issuing advice on the Course and Examination Regulations (CER) of the study programme;
  • annually evaluating the method of implementing the CER; and
  • issuing advice, on request or on its own initiative, to the Programme Board and the Faculty Board about all matters relating to the teaching in a study programme.

Faculty Regulations

The Regulations of the Faculty of Humanities also contain articles about the PC. They state, for example, that half of the members of the PC are students and the other half are teaching staff. Any student who is enrolled in the study programme concerned can stand for election as a student member of the PC. Students of the study programme elect the students who will ultimately have a seat in the PC. Appointment of the teaching staff members is the responsibility of the relevant Programme Board.


Did you particularly enjoy a lecture? Was a specific course not delivered well? Are the timetables not uploaded on the website in time? These are all issues you can report to the Department Teaching Committee (PC) of your study programme. Or, if you would prefer to share your own thoughts on how teaching quality can be assured, you can send an email to your study programme’s PC.

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