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Department of Strategy and Policy

The Department of Strategy and Policy is responsible for providing support to the Faculty Board, the Education Board, and the Department of Education in the development of the Faculty’s vision and strategy related to education, and the preparation, adoption, and implementation of policy related to education. The department’s portfolio includes:

  • Advice related to education
  • Provision of administrative information
  • Monitoring legal frameworks for decision-making
  • Elective courses and minors
  • Quality agreements with the Ministry of Education
  • Numerus fixus and capacity restrictions
  • Education policy in relation to policy on internationalisation
  • Course and examination regulations (in Dutch: OER)
  • Innovations in education
  • Annual reports on education
  • Vision and strategy related to education
  • Teaching preparations
  • Transitional arrangements
  • Secretarial office for Education Board and Teaching Committees
  • Study success
  • Admissions
  • Policy on examinations
  • Course descriptions
  • Adoption of educational programmes
  • Mandatory matching
  • Processing and organising course and teaching evaluations (internal quality assurance)
  • Preparing assessments and accreditation of programmes (external quality assurance)
  • Proposals for implementing new regulations (University or national)
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