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Committee for Appeals and Objections

If you wish to object to a written decision that affects you directly, such as a negative assessment or if your job is to be discontinued, you can lodge an objection within six weeks of the date of the decision. 

If you disagree with a decision, you can lodge your objection by sending a letter of objection to the Executive Board.

Letter of objection

In the letter of objection you must at least provide:

  • your name, address and telephone number;
  • the date on which you are lodging the objection;
  • a clear description of the decision to which you are objecting;
  • your arguments for why the decision is unjust.

You must sign the letter of objection and if possible enclose a copy of the decision to which the objection pertains and send it to:

Executive Board of Leiden University
PO Box 9500
2300 RA Leiden

Or send an e-mail to jz-secretariaat@bb.leidenuniv.nl.

The Committee

The Committee is divided into six chambers:

  1. administrative affairs
  2. co-determination disputes
  3. dismissals
  4. human resources
  5. student affairs
  6. elections

The Committee has an independent chair and issues advice to the Executive Board on letters of objections that it receives. It is supported by a secretary/member and a paralegal from the Legal Affairs department.

The working method of the Committee is specified in its rules of procedure.

Decision on objection and court appeal

The Executive Board takes a decision on the objection following the advice of the Committee. An appeal may be lodged against this decision at the court specified in that decision. 

Please note: you may only appeal to the court if you have been through the objection procedure!

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