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HOVO committee

The committee of the HOVO monitors the quality of the teaching offered in the courses, and contributes to the programme of the lectures. Members are appointed by the Management Board of the University (College van Bestuur).

Members of the committee: 

  • Drs. L.G.C. (Lydia) Holdert-Vallez
  • Prof. dr. C.E. (Carel) ten Cate
  • Prof. dr. J.W. (Jan-Willem) van Holten
  • Prof. dr. S. (Susanne) Osanto
  • Prof. dr. I.M. (Ingrid) Tieken- Boon van Ostade (Chair)
  • Prof. dr. G.A. (Gerard) Persoon
  • Prof. dr. H.J. (Jaap) van den Herik
  • Prof. dr. A.L. (Annelou) van Gijn
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