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Honours and Excellence

As an Honours College, LUC holds high academic standards for all its students. Every single member of our community has already demonstrated something special about themselves, something that sets them apart from their peers. You have been selected because we believe in your potential. LUC offers an environment that will stimulate you to graduate with the best results you can achieve. Using the opportunities LUC offers you, you will be ready to go on to distinguished graduate programmes in Europe, the United States or elsewhere; our alumni are working in a wide range of positions, but all of them, in their own way, bring about change in the world around us. Because we believe this change is possible, you are here. Because you are here, you can make this change happen. 

However, excellence is not only about the standards of our students and our staff. LUC is also committed to pedagogic excellence and innovation. We believe in active learning, which gives students space to develop and explore their own ideas and to challenge themselves, each other and the academic staff on their views. We believe in small-group learning and dynamic interaction. You are part of our intensive learning process, in which your engagement is key in determining the quality of the learning experience not only you, but also your class-mates, receive. 

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