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Management Support & Information Services

The Department Management Support & Information Services provides assistance to the Faculty Board and its members in the day-to-day management of the Faculty. For information and/or to arrange a meeting with the Board Members please contact the assistant of the Board Member in question.



Faculty Board

Ms H. Houweling  

Dean (Professor J.P. van der Leun)

Ms. V.C. Versluis-Blankestijn

Director of Research and Vice-Dean 

Ms K. van Heijningen 

Director of Education (Professor T. Liefaard)

Ms M.C.M. de Jong

Director of Operational Management (dr. M.P. Sombroek-van Doorm MA) 

Ms V.C. Versluis-Blankestijn 

Student Member/assessor

071-527 7621/7724 

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