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Institute Council

The Institute Council consists of 15 members, including 12 members of the academic staff and 3 members from the support and management staff. The membership of the Institute Council is incompatible with that of the Institute Board. Staff members of the Programme Committee can be members of the Institute Council.


The Institute Council issues questions and unsolicited questions to the Institute Board about matters concerning the institute. The Institute Council advises the Faculty Council about the participation aspects. To this end, the Institute Council can also consult with the Institute Board as far as matters relating to the institute are concerned. The Institute Council advises the Faculty Board on the composition of the Institute Board. The Institute Board informs the Institute Council about the matters that concern the consultative and advisory tasks of the Institute Council.

The Institute Board regularly consults with the Institute Council. These meetings are chaired by the chairman of the Institute Board. In any case, the Institute Council is given the opportunity to advice about finances, planned reorganisations and structural cooperation with partners outside the institute.

Download the rules of the Institute of Education and Child Studies (in Dutch) ››

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