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Local Consultative Body

The Local Consultative Body is a form of consultation between the employer (the Executive Board) and unions. The Executive Board is represented by the member who holds the HRM portfolio and University employees are represented by three unions. These unions also participate in negotiations on the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) of Dutch Universities.

Beatrix Pehlemann is the secretary of the Local Consultative Body.

Mandatory consultation

The terms of employment and legal status of employees is specified in the CAO of Dutch Universities. 

Regulations that apply to Leiden University and specify the rights and duties of individual employees can only be implemented or modified if the majority of the union delegations approve. The Local Consultative Body meets about six times per year. The meetings are not public.

Also see regulations that have been agreed on in the Local Consultative Body.

University developments

The Executive Board informs the union delegations at least once per year about general developments at the University and future expectations. This could relate to:

  • Employment developments
  • Implementation of CAO agreements
  • University social policy, such as the creation of supported employment, or policy on working conditions, training opportunities, staff workload or work climate.


The Executive Board informs the Local Consultative Body if the University has decided to implement a reorganisation, providing it with the reason for and aim of the reorganisation together with any potential legal consequences.

The Executive Board also informs the Local Consultative Body about organisational changes that do not constitute a reorganisation.

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