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Board of Governors

The chair and members of the Board of Governors (one of whom is nominated by the University Council) are appointed, suspended and dismissed by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science. The Board of Governors has an independent position at the University and is accountable to the Minister.

Profile of the Board of Governors (in Dutch)


  • The Board of Governors is responsible for ensuring that in the execution of its tasks the Executive Board complies with the laws that apply to the University as well as with the regulations, guidelines, instructions and rules that derive from these laws.
  • The Board of Governors is also responsible for approving the budget and annual report, as well as for approving certain types of joint regulations together with other institutions of higher education.
  • The Board of Governors appoints, suspends and dismisses members of the Executive Board.

Regulation of the Board of Governors (in Dutch)


A.F. van der Touw
2nd term: 1 September 2020 - 31 Augus 2024


R.G. (Robine) de Lange-Tegelaar LL.M.
1st term: 1 September 2021 - 31 August 2025

L. (Lodewijk) Govaerts, MBA
1st term: 1 December 2021 - 30 November 2025

K. (Kenan) Yildirim, EMBA, RC
1st term: 1 December 2022 - 30 November 2026

Prof. T.N. (Cisca) Wijmenga
1st term: 1 January 2024 - 31 December 2027

Photo of the Board of Governors
R.G. de Lange-Tegelaar | L. Govaerts | A.F. van der Touw | T.N. Wijmenga | K. Yildirim


Secretary to the Executive Board

Postal address

PO Box 9500 
2300 RA Leiden

Visiting address

Rapenburg 70 
2311 EZ Leiden
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