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Research support

The Meijers Institute provides support for research in various ways. 

Ethics and Data Committee

The Ethics and Data Committee of Leiden Law School is responsible for reviewing research proposals from an ethical perspective and reviewing data management plans, including the GDPR aspects. In general, this concerns research that makes use of new data.

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Data Management

Data management refers to creating, saving, updating, making accessible, archiving and long-term storage of research data. The final goal of this process is often defined in terms of the FAIR principles: 'Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable'.

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External research funding

External funding of research is becoming increasingly important. Good support in the acquisition of research grants is therefore essential.

The Faculty’s Funding Advisor, Martine van Trigt, is the first point of contact for researchers. She provides advice and support to researchers who are applying for grants. She works together with Leiden University’s Grant Development Team. If necessary, she refers researchers to other forms of support and expertise inside and outside the Faculty. See also the Research funding calendar

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